Ornaments for Gamers

Know someone who loves to play games? Don’t we all!

Old World Christmas has some great new ornaments that make perfect gifts for the gamers in your life.

Bingo Christmas Ornament
44137 Bingo

The hang tag for the Bingo ornament reads: Bingo, a delightful game of chance invites players to test their luck. Versions of Bingo started in the 1530s. No one knows for sure how Bingo got its name, but it is said to echo the sound of a bell ringing, noting the winner.

dominos christmas ornament
44146 Dominos

Dominos is a popular game that has been around for eons! Old and young love playing Dominos. My grandchildren I think had more fun stacking up the Dominos on the floor and knocking them down!

The Domino hang tag reads: Family game night often includes a game of dominos. The earliest mention of dominos is found in the 18th century Italy, where it is believed missionaries brought the game back from China. In addition to the game, dominos are widely stacked on end to create a toppling domino chain that displays the domino effect.

Old World Christmas just comes up with such unique little ornaments! Love this crossword puzzle ornament.

crossword puzzle ornament
44139 Crossword Puzzle Ornament

The hang tag for the Crossword Puzzle ornament reads: Crossword puzzles challenge the mind and pique the interest of the challenger. Most often appearing in newspapers and magazines, one is challenged each time they open the paper. The first crossword puzzle appeared in the December 1913 issue of the New York World.

These are just a couple of the cute new ornaments from Old World Christmas that would be perfect for those memories of gathering around the kitchen table playing Dominos or shouting out BINGO!


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